Network Design Services
  • Designed to fit the life cycle of both new and existing networks. 
  • License application support.
  • Indoor cell planning.
  • Core Network Design.
  • Urban and Suburban GSM/DCS/UMTS Radio Network Planning.
  • Capacity planning for new and existing coverage.
  • Coverage planning for new coverage arrears as input to nominal plan budget.

Network Optimization Services

Network optimization is required as a network grows and voice/data traffic increases. New network features can be enabled to enhance capacity and quality of a network.
NIGTEL-CS can help Operators maximize return on their infrastructure investments with Network Optimization Services such as:
  • Radio Network Audit.
  • Radio Network Improvement.
  • Core Network Audit.
  • Core Network Improvement.

Network operations services

  • 2G/3G network tuning and verification drive test.
  • Drive logs analysis (poor coverage and signal).
  • BSC and BTS System Configuration.
  • BSC and BTS Problem Analysis and Fault Recovery.
  • Network Performance Monitoring and Management.

Transmission network services
  • These services includes topology, capacity and physical layer design as well as frequency planning, site configuration and link design.
  • Microwave Transmission Design
  • Microwave Transmission Optimization
  • High Capacity Backbone Design
  • Transmission Network Topology design
  • Satellite Transmission
  • Optical Fibre Design & Deployment
  • Develop Test methodologies to deal with Transmission performance and quality related issues on 2G and 3G Networks.
  • Evaluate Tests results in accordance with RFC 2544 for EoS and ITU-T Standards
  • Provide recommendations based on the test results and ensure implementation
  • Evaluate and analyze Transmission performance data.
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance on NOAC Digital Microwave Transmission Back borne 
  • Installation Commission and Implementation of Bandwidth Manager, Implementation of voice over TDMA
  • Voice Data Integration, Bandwidth management Implementation of voice over frame Relay
  • Installation, Commissioning and Configuration of E1 MUXs, Multi Service access Nodes, Modems, ATM node.

BTS implementation and integration services

  • Site location Search and Acquisition.
  • Infrastructure (Site) lease.
  • Turnkey Network Roll-out.
  • BTS & MW Installation.
  • Power Systems.
  • IT infrastructure Deployment & support.
  • Tower Maintenance.
  • HVAC and Mechanical System.
  • Civil Works Maintenance.
  • Generator Maintenance and Diesel Supply.

Core network services

  • Provide support to operators to ensure optimal performance of the entire core network switching Elements (MSC, STP, HLR, SCP, FNR, MSS SINGLE AND DUAL CORE) for 2G and 3G services.
  • Provide Support in supervisory manner to Data Control Group, Field Switch and Front Office Engineers in their activities through escalation process.
  • Co-ordinate closely with other vendors like Huawei, Nokia, Motorola and Alcatel to ensure equipment compatibility during integration, testing or fault isolation.
  • Resolve all Network related faults and issues (Support) that maybe required or escalated from Second line Operation & Maintenance (FO/FS/NOC/DT/Performance) on a network with customized Core NEs (MSCs/STPs/HLRs/FNRs/SCPs) on R12.1 and (M-MGw-R4.2.2/MSC-S - R12.1) Software Release.
  • Provide support in Signaling Interface Tracing for real-time analysis and fault troubleshooting of SS7 layers (ISUP/MAP/CAP) on 2G and 3G network.

Technical training services

  • Setting up a Standard Training laboratory with Test Equipment for simulation.
  • Interface with training vendors for Road map of training in line with Business and Technology Road-map.
  • Identifying Resources from within the Business to form Internal Faculty.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Cross functional training to enhance employee value and experience.
  • End to End training needs and requirements for operators.
  • Research and Development for all new feature implementation at the Training Laboratory
  • Simulation of network faults and tests.
Energy solutions services
  • Small, medium and large Power requirement sizing.
  • Renewable Energy systems design and implementation
  • Diesel and Petrol generators supply and maintenance.
Information Technology services
  • Software Development and integration.
  • Web development
  • LAN,WAN & MAN design and implementation
  • BULK SMS solution
  • Strategic Information Solutions
  • Outsourcing and Support
  • Business Voice and Video Solutions
  • Home , vehicle and Enterprise Security Solutions
  • Home and Enterprise Network Infrastructure
  • Home and Enterprise Hardware and Storage
  • Home and Enterprise Business Applications