Huawei X Labs issues smart transportation whitepaper, helping mobile operators to extend business field

During the Cross-Industry table meeting which is jointly held by GTI and Huawei at the 9th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (GMBBF), Huawei X Labs published an insight whitepaper of Smart Transportation, which aims to explore opportunities for mobile network operators (MNOs) to extend their business field.

The report comprehensively analyzed the MNOs initiatives cases and successful stories globally in the smart transportation segment including connected car. It provides a unique perspective to analyze MNO’s new business proposition and addressable market based on the value chain analysis of Intelligent Transportation Industry. And the paper points out a new way phase by phase on how the transportation industry could realize digital transformation by leveraging the capabilities of MNOs.

The report points out the smart transportation has become the biggest winning opportunity in vertical market for MNOs. The total address market of connected car can reach over 140 billion in 2022. For MNO, there are 5 major strategic opportunities, including Usage based insurance, fleet management, smart parking, Emergency Service network and V2X based ADAS system. MNOs can fully maximize their network value beyond connectivity to get rid of the role of ‘dumb pipe’. Besides, MNOs have key advantages such as huge customer base, financial capability, global service channel both online and offline and dialogue channels with government, etc., which will also help extend themselves to the top of the value chain.

The report claims to be the 1st to propose the evolution route to future fully connected car with mobile broadband network, describe the 4 phase when MNO develop connected car services: Infotainment(3G-4G)、Telematics+Dedicated network(4G-4.5G)、V2X+ADAS(4.5G-5G)、Fully Connected Cars(5G)

Huawei X Labs think the report will help MNO and industry partners more insights on how together to explore this new blue market of smart transportation. It will support MNO from simply provide connectivity to more diverse digital services, to realize the expansion of business field. “How to connect MNO and industry partners? How to avoid fragmentation in connected car market together with government, Huawei would like to have open discussion with you, to form resultant force from ICT industry and verticals industry.” Speaking by Veni Shone, the president of Huawei connected car in the cross-industry round table.

In addition, according to an interactive polling during GMBBF with the question of “what’s the biggest opportunity for MNO in coming 5-10 years, the result shows nearly 24% choose the connected car and intelligent transportation service which ranks next to the mobile video service with 28.6%. The polling was participated by over 1000 attendees from carries and industry partners participated, It shows telecom carriers and vertical industry partners are optimistic for MNO developing smart transportation market.

X Labs is a brand-new platform designed to get together telecom operators, technical vendors and partners from vertical sectors to explore future mobile application scenarios, drive business and technical innovations and build an open ecosystem. X Labs have set up three laboratories, which aim to explore three major areas: people-to-people connectivity, applications for vertical sectors and applications in household.